Become a supporter

In many ways you can support A4C

  1. Visit our events

    Alternatives 4 Children hosts a number of events every year. If you buy a ticket for an event, the net proceeds of the ticket prices will be used for supporting our current projects. Therefore: buying tickets = supporting A4C projects.

  2. Buy a supporter package

    By buying one of our supporter packages you are not only helping A4C in funding our current projects, but you will also gain access and recognition to financial professionals who work in the Dutch Alternative industry. For more information about our sponsor packages, please read our factsheet or fill in the form below.

  3. Donate money

    By donating money you directly support our projects. Our bank details:

    Bank: ABN AMRO, Postbus 1410, 1000 BK Amsterdam
    IBAN Number: NL49ABNA0424714760

  4. Join A4C

    Do you want to support our projects, be part of an enthusiast team of volunteers and meet interesting people? Your support is welcome by volunteering for A4C. Fill our our contact form and we will contact you.

Contact information

  • Stichting Alternatives 4 Children
  • Brahmsstraat 26hs
  • 1077 HJ Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

Legal information

Alternatives 4 Children is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under number 52712672. We have the ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) Status.

Accounting Advisor

  • Solutional Financial Reporting B.V.
  • Vlietweg 17-s
  • 2266 KA Leidschendam
  • The Netherlands


  • Ernst & Young Accountants LLP
  • Wassenaarseweg 80
  • 2596 CZ The Hague
  • The Netherlands

Bank data

  • ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Jachthavenweg 112
  • 1081 KJ Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands